30 July 2009

Change of address

I have decided to change the focus of my blogging to just a general everything blog (focusing mostly on Gaming and Sports). And with the way my 09 has been going so far I though it best to do a clean break and hopefully leave all the negativity behind. I started a new blog @ arthur1977.wordpress.com called Slow Learner. Please feel free to stop by and leave comments and suggestions. Its been fun and see you online!

17 July 2009

Character Sheet

Syp posted a great personal character sheet on his blog and dared others to follow suit. Well here it is:

Character Name: Arhur1977
Guild: Family (2-member guild)
Class: Level 17 Spinning Technician, Level 2 Blogger

Strength: 11
Intelligence: 13
Dexterity: 12
Charisma: 10
Wisdom: 10
Stamina: 12
Perception: 13
Humor: 16

Writing – rank 3
Origami – rank 1
Video Games – rank 9
Reading – rank 8
Public Speaking – rank 4
Leadership – rank 6
Shadow Puppets – rank 1
Texas Hold'em - 6
3-Pitch Baseball - 7
Pick-up Hockey - 5

iPod Touch (Vancouver Canuck logo on back)
Dockers plus a tee shirt
Honda CRV
Strong Black Coffee
Excel White Gum

13 July 2009

DDOcast 125

While killing time at work, I though I should remind people to check out the newest DDOcast. With the NDA now lifted these great pod casters have some insightful information and discussion about the future of the game.

07 July 2009

Its crazy how much I remember about DDO. I am having a great time running around Stormreach and meeting wonderful people. I am sort of surprised at how many new people I am grouping with, that says a lot about how effective the new DDO unlimited advertising is.

Shan-To-Kor is as crazy as I remembered, we wiped a few time (we were trying the first parts on Elite) and finished it on hard. I admit I have to pay more attention to the rewards I get after big quest chains. After STK I decided to take a necklace of Wisdom (+1 Wis) instead of the Charisma Cloak ( +2 Cha). I was thinking that the boost to my wisdom would allow me to cast first level spells, to my dismay I needed a +2 wis item. Oh well guess I have to run the dungeon again :)

The addition of hirelings to the game since I last played is very important because this is a group oriented game. I had a feeling I might be using them for the lower levels until DDO Unlimited goes live due to the age of the game. Unfortunately I have not used one yet playing solo, a Paladin is really solo friendly and I am having good luck finding groups. I have a feeling that when I roll a caster they might become very important.

Well that is it, if you decide to play look me up on Sarlona, the name is Innis Gunn.

29 June 2009

Gamer A.D.D.

Well it seemed like I cannot commit to a MMO or any other game for that matter. I enjoyed Sword of the New World, but just never seemed to get hooked. Then I was just listening to a Massively podcast and they started talking about an old MMO I use to play, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. Their guest host for the show was Jerry (from DDOcast.com) and they had a great discussion about all the changed happening in the game. It was nice to hear it still had a solid community and lots of people interested in the changes that were about to happen, mainly the game going free to play with an in game store. So after listening to that podcast I had to download the recent DDOcasts and hear what that group of players had to say. They had some great insight into what some long time veteran players might be thinking and most if it not always positive.

After hearing them talk about the game I use to love playing I though I would download the trial and check out some of the changes. After the first couple of hours I have to say I am hooked again on this game. I purchased another box (I have forgotten my old user name and password :p) and resubscribed. I have created a Dwarf by the name of Innis Gunn, he is a Paladin that will be specializing in 2 handed weapon fighting. I have been getting help some of the great people from DDOcast.com and the DDO forums with getting back in the swing of things in the game. So a hearty thank you goes out to Phlor, Wanbz, and Khorbyn for all your help so far.

I hope going free to play will bring some more people back to this wonderful game, because once in you might just not want to leave.

05 June 2009

Well I had my first chance to play SotNW after the forced weekend off. I decided to make my first trek into Al Quelt Moreza and was doing great until I decided to run through a large group of enemies and wiped. I like the fact that you only have to wait 60 seconds to revive and then try and regroup, its so much better then having a spawn point and trying to run all the way back. I really enjoyed the pace of the dungeon, it kept you on your toes, and fighting he Shadow of Dois Lantem as my first semi boos was cool. After finishing the quest I headed back to Reboldeaux and remembered that I should have asked the NPC's for quest, I have to do some back tracking but its worth it. I do like the quests that transport you to another instance to complete. I found one of them but it was a little to low of level so I ran through it in record time leaving very little for the spear man who followed me into battle. All in all, a fun time.

I also got to select a new stance for my fighter, Zohra. This type of character customization is an interesting way to personalize you group. I have decided to make my fighter a Defensive specialist and hopefully the centre of my enemies attacks. Unfortunately, I still need to gain a few more levels with my Musketeer and Scout before more options open up for them.

I am enjoying my time spent in playing SoNW. I have mostly been just running around solo so far but I am thinking about looking to join a clan and being more social. I am a little picky about what clan I wish to join. I play MMO's for fun and want a clan that does as well. I have no problem with hard core gamers (I was one years ago in SWG and EQ2), but have decided to have a more relaxed view of things now. So if you are a clan looking for more members that like to have fun and help out Drop me a line :)

03 June 2009

Something to look forward too..

With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XIV I have my most anticipated game for 2010. Final Fantasy was the series that got me addicted to video games in the 80's on the Nintendo and then later made my decision to move to the PS with the release of FFVII. I am looking forward to hearing more about this new game sometime in the future.

Here is a link to the Video they showed at E3: FFXIV